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DataTrace Expands Product Offering

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The Directors of DataDot Technology Limited (ASX:DDT) are pleased to announce that its anti-counterfeiting subsidiary company DataTrace DNA Pty Limited is responding to growing and changing opportunities in its market by adding products and capabilities it offers to its customers. To reflect these additional offerings, DataTraceDNA Pty Ltd is to be renamed DataTraceID Pty Ltd [...]

DataDot Technology Announces New CEO

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DataDot Technology Limited (ASX: DDT) is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr Temogen Hield as CEO of the company effective immediately. Temogen Hield is an accomplished senior executive with strong experience in strategy, innovation, business development and customer engagement. He has held a number of senior leadership roles, his most recent being Chief Operating [...]

DataTrace to be used for Australian Export Food & Wine Authentication, Security & Safety

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DataDot Technology Limited (ASX:DDT) is pursuing opportunities in the growing export food and wine authentication market through a newly established joint venture with Beston Pacific Group. DDT and Beston subsidiary company, Grape Ensembles Co Pty Ltd (“GE”), have jointly established Brandlok Brand Protection Solutions Pty Ltd (“Brandlok”). Over the next 9 months Brandlok will develop [...]

Financial Year Ended June 2015 Performance Commentary and Financial Report

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The Company put in a solid performance in FY2015 which has been a turning point in its development and repositioning. Having employed numerous sales staff in the US, Australia and now Europe and deployed new products, the Company is now poised for growth. Revenue for FY2015 was $7,026k being slightly better than the $7,210k revenue [...]