Australian Company has the solution for counterfeit automotive parts

//Australian Company has the solution for counterfeit automotive parts

Australian Company has the solution for counterfeit automotive parts

Leading anti-theft and anti-counterfeit company DataDot Technology Limited has today announced several new solutions for tackling the burgeoning and high profile problem of counterfeit and grey imported car parts and consumables.

Toyota Australia, Subaru Australia, Hyundai and most other manufacturer / importers have instigated programs to restrict the fitment of sub-standard, non-manufacturer approved parts to vehicles during servicing and when vehicles are being accident damage repaired.

The car makers are being backed up by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries – the peak body representing Australia’s vehicle manufacturers and importers – with a website launched this week to guide consumers in ensuring that they have access to authorised parts.

The Executive Chairman of DataDot Technology, Bruce Rathie, has confirmed that the company has committed additional resources to dealing with this safety issue, explaining “We have a range of technologies that are specifically designed to deal with high volume items including oil and fuel filters, brake-pads, brake fluid and other additives, together with lower volume critical components like air-bags, electronics, suspension components and even panels used by the repair industry. Clearly it is in the public interest that this problem of sub-standard parts be stamped out.”

DataDot’s solutions include innovative, overt and covert technologies developed by leading research institute and Australian Government authority, the CSIRO. These products contain forensic tracers that are already in use by clients of DataDot Technology in several other markets, including China and Taiwan, where they are embedded in products such as alcohol bottles, tobacco packaging, car parts and panels.



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