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The technology has been originally co-developed with the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO), Australia’s national science agency, as a security feature for Australian Government security documents and currency. The technology was awarded the prestigious DuPont “Innovation Prize” in 2008 and has featured in the Australian Technology Showcase since November 2010.

DataTraceSPECTRO is a covert “lock-and-key” taggant technology, comprising a large number of complex chemical formulations with spectral signatures in unconventional spectral ranges (the locks) and highly sophisticated detection devices (the keys).

The detection device is easy to use, portable, handheld and does not require database access, so providing instant on-site verification. The technology is distinguished from other covert taggant technologies by a superior detection capability that is evident in its accuracy, sensitivity and customer-specific detection windows that prove authenticity by overlaying detection intensity and wavelength channels.

This allows us to offer many unique spectral fingerprints on an appropriate fit-for-purpose security level. To re-engineer the security feature, a counterfeiter would need to copy the entire production process from raw materials, the formulation of the product and the application parameters.

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