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CopDots_logoProtect your home from break-in

Protect your property from theft

Protect your family from theft-related violence

CopDots™, a registered trademark of DataDot Technology, is changing the way property crime is deterred and detected, using innovative technologies, employing world leaders in crime prevention and focusing on delivering reliable and effective support to law enforcement.

The program combines micro-dot technology with an interactive database, a communication and information campaign to deter criminals from illegal activities and a depth of forensic support within criminal justice.

Historically, our technology has been successfully used by the automotive industry for more than a decade in reducing the rate of stolen cars and trucks bound for chop-shops (broken down for spare parts) and re-birthing (changed identity and resale of stolen or written-off vehicles). As most components of a fleet that are marked with our product, the parts are identifiable even when they have been removed from the vehicle body, leading to successful prosecutions.

A deterrent for would-be thieves, CopDots™ is also a tool for law enforcement officers. Using the CopDots™ database allows identification of the true owner of an asset and at times the property can be identified and processed when a victim has not yet reported the property stolen.

CopDots™ can be applied to most any item or surface on your personal asset. Recommended, but not limited to, televisions, stereo equipment, computers, cellular phones, appliance, etc.

CopDots™ greatly increase the odds of thieves being caught and convicted, so deterring many criminals from stealing property marked with CopDots™.

CopDots™ enable police to identify stolen property, so deterring pawn shops from handling items marked with CopDots™.

CopDots™ enable police to return recovered stolen property to lawful owners.

CopDots™ enable you to contribute to theft prevention, theft detection, theft prosecution and theft conviction in your community.

Large CopDot Kit_contentsResidential Theft Deterrent System – Large Kit
Designed to provide discrete marking for approx. 30 indoor assets.

Kit includes:
– Dots and applicator
– Viewer

– Four stickers
– Two door/window stickers

– Ownership certificate (may qualify for insurance discounts)

CopDot small kitResidential Theft Deterrent System – Small Kit
Designed to provide discrete marking for approx. 5 indoor assets.

Kit includes:
– Dots and applicator

– Two stickers
– Two door/window  stickers

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