Theft Deterrence

Is your company experiencing theft? Loss? Are you at risk?

Asset theft is a chronic problem for companies throughout the world. Stolen generic items such as copper wire, metal components, solar panels, batteries, tools and equipment are costing companies BILLIONS of dollars every year. The problem isn’t just replacement value but the true losses to a company through the production and service down time it causes as well as the potential danger to the public with ungrounded areas. Those losses can become a multiplying factor of 100 – 1000 times the replacement cost.

DataDot Technology has developed the DataDotDNA® Theft Deterrent System (TDS) to combat the high level of asset and equipment theft experienced by businesses. This program has a proven track record of reducing theft by over 80%. That is a very strong ROI and a compelling value proposition to our customers. It is a cost effective and very easy to implement solution.

There are 3 key drivers to our solution that help drive the huge theft reduction results.

  • Applying an ID to the assets
  • Communication of the initiative
  • Law Enforcement / Scrap Recycler education

It all starts with identifying the assets. Generic assets don’t have an “identity” and therefore when they are recovered they cannot be traced back to an owner. DataDots solve this problem. DataDot has an aerosol canister of metallic DataDots containing a unique ID on them that is registered to the company owner in our Global DataDot Database. The DataDots are in a solvent based adhesive. Inside this adhesive is a UV element that glows under a standard black light and our patented DataTrace which fully authenticates the solution as DataDot and will stand up in a court of law.

Along with marking the assets with the aerosol spray it is vital to communicate the initiative which is the basis of the Deterrent Program. Utilising DataDot Warning Stickers on the assets as well as hanging Warning Signs around the perimeter help visually notify the thieves that something is going on at this location. But this is just step 1 in the deterrent program. What is also very important is to broadly communicate the initiative throughout the company’s organization to all its employees as well as to the general public through Press Releases and or Public Service Announcements. This is quite effective and also helps notify any other thieves that might be stealing those assets.

There are 2 other components in the solution which is the need to work with Law Enforcement and Scrap Recyclers to educate them of what the company is doing and how to identify the assets. Our experience with Law Enforcement is they are very supportive of this program and solution. We have thousands officers and agencies registered in our global database. By sharing the program information with them they then know where to look on the assets with their black light so they can then seize the entire load under “Probable Cause”. Then once the assets are identified they then have evidence that the Prosecutors office will use for a higher conviction.


Reduces theft by over 80%

DataDot Technology is a member of ISRI, the International Scrap Recycler Industry trade association and we work with them to help educate Scrap Recyclers on our solution as well as help prevent the purchase of stolen property. We also help our customers engage with them to help gain assistance with catching thieves. We promote a “Guaranteed Buy” program for companies to work with the recyclers financially incentivize the recyclers for sellers information.

Key Industries

What areas are experiencing these kinds of problems? The short answer is everywhere, but we have found that Utility companies, Cellular companies, Power / Water companies and Oil & Gas companies are having the biggest issues. Those companies have large footprints of un-manned sites that contain valuable assets in remote areas. They are a prime target. Other areas would include businesses that use expensive equipment and valuable components that are used in warehouses and frequently stolen and sold to pawn shops.

Solution Elements

  • Unique asset tagging
  • Individual asset registration on the secure PIN registry
  • Media communication to put thieves on notice that assets are “too hot to handle”.
  • DataDot Technology and CrimeStoppers co-branding on marked assets
  • Police training in detecting marked assets.

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