About Us

Mission Statement

DataDot Technology provides world leading asset identification, management, protection and authentication products and services that deliver value to customers.

Leading the Way in Identification Technology
We are a leading solutions provider with highly innovative technologies, creating new methods of asset identification, protection and authentication leading to new markets for our products.

We have developed and are developing leading-edge identification technologies that allow assets, and their component parts, to be uniquely marked and identified. It’s akin to creating a unique asset-based DNA for products. DDT’s asset identification technologies have wide product application, and the potential to penetrate global markets in the automotive, marine, clothing and industrial materials sectors.

Why Create a Unique Identity For Something?
Applying a unique identity to an item is beneficial in numerous ways.

  • It allows tracking and identification of the origin of the item, as well as details of its manufacture, ownership, authenticity and destination.
  • It assists in providing quality assurance of component parts and manufacturing processes.
  • It reduces criminal activity by deterring counterfeiting and theft and assists in the recovery and return of assets that have been stolen.

Identification Technology
DDT technologies work by marking each asset with a unique and individual code. This code is then recorded on a secure database and matched with other asset and ownership identifiers. In some cases the code is the primary manufacturer’s identifier – for example a car’s Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).

Identification technology is not a new concept. For a long time cars have had unique VINs, engines have had serial numbers to discourage theft, designer clothing has had brand labels to discourage counterfeit brands and so on. Professional thieves can easily defeat these identifying tags; engine serial numbers, VIN and HIN plates can be changed and fake brand labels can be manufactured. DDT technologies take identification to the next level.

Virtually Irremovable
DDT technologies are virtually irremovable. Take for example DataDotDNA. It is conceivably possible to remove the thousands of microdots (DataDots) applied to an item but would be totally cost ineffective to do so.

Just one tiny microdot has to remain for an item to be identified as stolen. The risk of thieves getting caught with a DataDotDNA protected item is significantly increased.

An Identity Revolution
The unique attributes of DDT technologies mean we create security and authentication for home, business and industry in a new and innovative way. Everything from clothing and school computers to industrial products can be protected against theft and counterfeiting. Our technologies can also identify assets that were impossible to tag before. For example when we mix DataTraceID into concrete, its type, grade and manufacturer details will never be lost. This provides quality assurance and process controls for the building industry and other commercial applications.