Textiles are used for everything from sports apparel to bulletproof vests. TraceCode can be added at the point of creation to the point of sale. The need to validate the authenticity of these materials may be a matter of life or death if fake materials are used.

Securing the Fabric of your Business
The textile industry is growing and innovating year-over-year, with new fibres and fabrics, as well as innovation in manufacturing techniques. Protect your innovation and brand.

For example, specialty fabrics like ballistic and flame retardant fabrics must be manufactured correctly to perform as designed.

Our covert TraceCode allows brand owners a unique method to authenticate their products. By using our TraceCode technologies and incorporating them into your raw materials, you have the ability to instantly authenticate your supply chain and finished products.

This same technology can affordably be used for products coming from different manufacturing facilities to track and trace origin and to assure the authenticity of key additives being used in your final product.