Shareholder Services

This page provides information and service links for existing DDT shareholders.

DataDot Technology Ltd’s share register is maintained by Boardroom Pty Limited.

Shareholders with enquiries about their holdings should contact Boardroom Pty Limited directly.

Boardroom Pty Limited
Grosvenor Place, Level 12,
225 George Street, Sydney,
NSW, 2000, Australia

Boardroom Pty Limited,
GPO Box 3993,
Sydney NSW 2001

Notification of Changes and Online Forms
Connect to the registry click here.

Consolidation of Shareholdings
Shareholders who wish to consolidate their separate shareholdings into one account should advise Boardroom Pty Limited by completing and submitting a Consolidation of Holdings Form.

CHESS stands for Clearing House Electronic Sub-register System.

CHESS participants have direct access to the settlement process and can sponsor other shareholders to use CHESS facilities. All stockbrokers are participants, as are most large institutional investors, custodian nominees and trustee companies.

An individual shareholder would generally use a stockbroker as their sponsor. A sponsorship agreement is then signed with the nominated participant. This agreement authorises the sponsoring broker to deal with the shareholding subject to certain conditions. See your broker for further details.

Security Reference Number (SRN)
Obtaining your SRN from Boardroom Pty Limited.

You can request your Security Reference Number (SRN) by sending them either a letter or fax noting the following information:

  • Full name/s of the registered investor/s
  • Complete registered address of the investor
  • Number of shares held
  • Signature of the registered security holders:
    • If a joint holding, all security holders need to sign
    • If held by a company, two directors or a director and a company secretary need to sign
    • If held by a proprietary company with a sole director who is also the sole secretary, the director needs to sign and also write “sole director and sole secretary”
    • If signed by a Power of Attorney, the original or certified copy should be lodged with Registries for our records (if not already lodged)

You may also obtain your SRN in person from Boardroom Pty Limited upon production of a drivers license or passport.

Lost or stolen SRN
If documentation detailing your Security Reference Number (SRN) has been stolen, contact Boardroom Pty Limited immediately by phone, fax or letter. A ‘stop trade’ will be placed on the holding and a new SRN will be issued to you. A new statement will be sent to your registered address detailing your new SRN.

If you have lost your issuer sponsored statement with your SRN, Boardroom Pty Limited can issue you with a replacement statement.

Deceased Shareholder
To transfer Issuer Sponsored
For holdings solely in the deceased’s name, the following is required:

  • Certified copy of the Grant of Probate or letters of administration
  • Completion of a Transmission Application if the investment is being transferred into the executor’s name
  • Completion of an Australian Standard Transfer form if the investment is being transferred into the name of a beneficiary
  • Documentation proving that the Stamp duty has been assessed and paid at the relevant stamp duties office
  • SRN or investor number

To transfer CHESS Holdings
Both the sponsoring broker and Boardroom Pty Limited need to be notified of the death of an investor. The broker is required to convert the holding to Issuer Sponsorship.

Note: If Probate/Letter of Administration has not been granted or the deceased died without a Will, contact NRS by telephone, letter or fax for our legal requirements.