DataDot Technology is proud to announce its exciting partnership with PropertyVAULT

PropertyVAULT is a comprehensive asset management database delivering specialist full service solutions to combat theft.

The PropertyVAULT website is feature rich with:

Customised asset registration forms designed by asset identification experts

Detailed log book with date stamping, edit tracking and block chain recording to provide the highest level of record provenance

Stolen property reports with customised public and police views to maximise the likelihood of recovery while protecting victims' privacy

Comprehensive search functionality that makes it easy to identify stolen property

Expert assistance provided to victims and police to assist identification and recovery of stolen property

Owner Wanted portal for police to upload photographs of unclaimed property in their possession

Registered property Sale Portal allowing buyers to conduct thorough due diligence to avoid buying stolen property

Online registration transfer when property changes ownership

All services are provided to the public and police services of Australia at no cost. PropertyVAULT is proven to work with over $2M worth of assisted recoveries to date.

Property Vault

If you have already registered your assets in any of the National Registers & you wish to report your item stolen or transfer your ownership, contact us here