DataTraceID brand security solutions are used in a wide variety of applications, protecting brand owners worldwide.

Below are some examples of how our solutions are being used.

Smart Seals and Labels          

Labels are no longer just a carrier for a brand’s logo and product information. With our smart label technologies, they can now be used to interact with customers, provide geo tracking of product sales, push/pull marketing, smartphone authentication, supply-chain track and trace, to name a few.


The use of inks for security has existed for as long as inks have been used to print. When combined with our TraceCode, inks can now be used to authenticate manufactured goods, documents, and currencies and manufactured. Our solutions provide a covert layer that will not alter the appearance of the original item and can be easily incorporated into your existing inks and printing methods.


Paint is used as a layer of protection for homes, cars, boats and buildings etc. Paint companies create special formulations to provide additional value, such as anti-microbials for use in hospitals. Now these same companies can use our TraceCode to validate the presence of these specialty additives and to authenticate warranty claims.

Masterbatch Polymers        

The use of polymers has increased year-over-year and with this increase comes the need to recycle and reuse these materials. By using our TraceCode companies can validate what percentage of their polymers are from recycled materials. They can also use our TraceCode to authenticate products that contain specialty additives.

Coatings & Adhesives       

Coatings and adhesives can be used as a protective layer or as bonding agent. By adding our TraceCode to these materials, manufacturers are able to validate and authenticate their materials for warranty claims.


Our TraceCode can be added directly to paper and can be used as an invisible authentication and anti-counterfeit solution for documents and currency.


Textiles are used for everything from sports apparel to bulletproof vests, TraceCode can be added at the point of creation to the point of sale. The need to validate the authenticity of these materials may be a matter of life or death if fake materials are used.

Packaging and Converting      

The use of TraceCode in the packaging and converting industry offers brand owners the opportunity to covertly protect their products without the need to modify the appearance of the packaging.