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DataDot Technology is proud to announce its exciting partnership with PropertyVAULT

PropertyVAULT is a comprehensive asset management database delivering specialist full-service solutions to combat theft.

All services are provided to the public and police services of Australia at no cost. PropertyVAULT is proven to work with over $2M worth of assisted recoveries to date.

If you’re already registered in any of the registers & you wish to report your item stolen or transfer your ownership, contact us here

Register on PropertyVAULT

The National Registers were created in Australia by DataDot Technology Ltd with Crime Stoppers Australia to empower police and deter criminals.

The National Registers are comprehensive databases that are accessible by law enforcement agents, alert authorities about reports of stolen boats, bikes, industrial and lifestyle equipment, and quickly disseminate identifying features through social and industry networks, and provide information to dealers, insurers and police to aid the investigation, identification and recovery of stolen property.

The National Registers focus on key consumer asset types that are prone to theft.

  • The National Marine Register is designed for registering marine craft.
  • The National Bike Register is designed for registering bicycles and bicycle parts.
  • The National Lifestyle Register is designed for registering lifestyle equipment such as snow gear, surfboards, go-karts and camper trailers.
  • The National Equipment Register is designed for registering motor vehicle repair kitstoolsheavy plant equipment and anything else not listed above, such as home and business equipment.

We’ve now partnered with PropertyVAULT – who provide a world-leading asset management database and service solution to protect your assets and assist in the recovery when stolen.

PIN Registration

If you’ve purchased a DataDotDNA® kit then it is vitally important that you register your details on the PIN Registry.

Registration of your PIN ensures that police can identify you as the true owner of an asset.