Toyota Germany Attacks Vehicle Theft with the dDotDNA microdot system

Toyota Germany Attacks Vehicle Theft with the dDotDNA microdot system

DataDot Technology Limited through its distributor DNA Program is supporting Toyota Deutschland GmbH in attacking vehicle theft and reducing the trade of stolen vehicles and parts

Building on its success with Toyota in Poland, DataDot Technology Ltd and its distributor, DNA Program Polska XVI Sp. z o.o. have begun supplying their proven vehicle theft deterrent system under the brand name DNA to Toyota in Germany to offer to buyers of new and used vehicles.

In 2016, the German Insurance Association (GDV) reported more than 18,200 stolen vehicles. Specific parts are also being stolen, from navigation devices to individual body parts, to be resold as spare parts.

DNA utilising the dDotDNA microdot system is applied in multiple locations on each vehicle, is combined with a database cross-check and is supported by the police. It will be sold by Toyota dealers in Germany as Toyota DNA Program anti-theft protection.

Achim Koch, the Manager of Product Quality for Toyota Deutschland GmbH said: “We are excited to introduce this new offering to our customers across Germany to enhance the positive experience of owning a Toyota vehicle.”

Andrew Winfield, Managing Director of DataDot Technology (UK) Limited agreed that “we are very proud to be part of a program which supports the automotive industry with our security product that gives their customers the peace-of-mind that enables companies such as Toyota to increase trust in their brand.”